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This page features grants made over the past three years through the following grant programmes; Main Grants Programme, Small Grants Programme (Small and County Grants) and Holiday Grants for Disadvantaged Children.

Please note that these grants were made before our guidelines changed in 2016, and may not reflect our current grantmaking guidelines.

The list of grants can be filtered using single or multiple criteria - for example, you can display all grants made in Scotland, or all Revenue Grants made in the South East for between £50,000 and £99,000.  Filters are added by selecting criteria from the drop down menus on each tab, and are removed by clicking on the red crosses.  The system can be reset completely by clicking on new search.


15 grants found. Total: £841,310

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Holiday GrantsLondon12 May 2015
towards a three-night to Portsmouth for a group of disadvantaged children from London
Ulverston MIND£72,300
Mental Health & WellbeingNorth West17 Sep 2015
towards two and a half years' salaries of the Chief Officer and Manager at a project providing a range of support services for people with mental health problems in Cumbria
Umbrella Centre of Herne Bay£5,000
Mental Health & WellbeingSouth East17 Sep 2015
towards one year's running costs of a project running a drop in support group for people with mental health problems in a deprived area of Kent
Universal Comedy£60,000
Mental Health & WellbeingScotland10 Mar 2016
towards three years' continuation funding of the Director of a project providing comedy workshops for people with physical and mental health problems living in deprived areas of central Scotland
University College London - Applied Biomedical Engineering Group£41,500
Medical ResearchNational4 Dec 2014
towards one year's medical research funding for 'A Novel Cell-Microparticle Therapy for Faecal Incontinence'
University of Bedfordshire - The International Centre£30,000
Domestic & Sexual ViolenceNational28 Apr 2015
towards the costs of an evaluation of a strategic grant supported by Smith's, funding sixteen ?Hub and Spoke? projects designed to embed workers into neighbouring local authorities to influence the development of services to young people at risk of Child
University of Exeter£155,200
Medical ResearchNational11 Sep 2014
towards a three-year research project entitled 'Needle Injury to the Annulus of the Intervertebral Disc: Mechanisms and Minimisation'
University of Leicester£152,000
Medical ResearchNational17 Sep 2015
towards two years' medical research investigating memantine, developing prophylactic treatment for ischaemic stroke
University of Nottingham£49,100
Medical ResearchNational11 Jun 2015
towards one year's medical research investigating DNA methylation as a regulator of airway structural cell gene expression in asthma
Unscene Suffolk£2,610
DisabilityEastern3 Dec 2015
towards one year's running costs of a project providing creative workshops for adults with sight impairments in Suffolk

15 grants found. Total: £841,310

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