Strategic Grants

The majority of The Henry Smith Charity’s funding is distributed through our Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities grant programmes. These programmes are responsive and make grants on an ongoing basis.

We also proactively identify Strategic Grants, supported by the evidence and learning from our responsive programmes. While all Strategic Grants broadly align with the aims of the Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities programmes, they are not restricted to proven work or direct service delivery. They may involve significant elements of innovation, awareness raising and/or systemic change. We also expect Strategic Grants to a have legacy of change which continues beyond our involvement. We will be developing a number of Strategic Grants over the coming years.

We have recently launched a targeted Housing First Programme supporting organisations delivering Housing First services for those who have experienced homelessness with multiple and complex needs. In total we have £1.4M of funding available for this work. The programme aims to:

  • Increase the number of people with multiple and complex needs supported through Housing First.
  • Increase the number of small to medium sized charities providing Housing First.

The Housing First Programme is currently open for applications and will close on 4 November 2019.