Christian Projects

Funding guidelines

The three priority areas for the Christian Projects grant programme are as follows:

 Priority  1 Meeting the spiritual needs of older people, including those with dementia
 Priority  2 Reaching out to the unchurched – especially young people and young families – by nurturing their spiritual interest and well-being
 Priority  3 Projects which support and care for Anglican clergy at times of acute need

The priorities all have equal weighting, no one is more important than another. If you are considering applying, check that your project strongly fits one of these priorities. If your project fits more than one priority that’s OK too.

If you are applying under Priority 2 – reaching out to the unchurched please note:

  • we are looking for projects which are primarily and explicitly about promoting the Christian faith, that lead to tangible progress and growth in people’s faith journeys and that lead directly to church growth.
  • we are not looking for projects that, whilst motivated by Christian faith, are primarily delivering social action, such as: general community outreach work, work focussed on reducing poverty and inequality or enhancing community cohesion.
  • for work with young people in schools we will consider projects which enhance the provision of Collective Worship and which engage with young people outside the context of the curriculum, such as assemblies, lunch clubs and prayer spaces.

These pages contain only a summary of the guidelines for this programme. For more information about the Christian Projects grant programme, including a fuller explanation of the type of work we can and cannot fund and how we will assess your application, please download the full guidelines.