Holiday Grants

Frequent questions – Holiday Grants


How much can I apply for?

You can apply for any amount between £500 and £2,500, as long as this is no more than two-thirds of the total cost of the trip.

Can I apply for a grant towards a holiday for a group of 14-year-olds?

No. Under this programme, trips must be for children aged 0-13 years only.

My trip includes visits to a theme park, is this OK?

No. We cannot fund trips to pantomimes, sports events, theme parks or other high cost attractions.

My organisation is not based in the bottom 20% for deprivation, does this matter?

If the children who are going on the trip have disabilities or special needs then this does not matter. If not, you can still apply but you must make a very clear deprivation case within your application.

My trip is next week, can I apply for a grant?

No. You must apply at least six weeks before the date of your trip.

I applied two weeks ago, when will I hear if my application has been successful?

It can take up to six weeks for us to assess your application and let you know if you have been successful.

Do you have any advice on how to create an appropriate budget for the application?

Yes. We have some hints on budget guidance. There is a sample budget available to download in this section.

Can you have a look at my application before I submit it?

We are not able to review applications prior to submission and we can only see the content of your application once it has been submitted.

I am experiencing technical issues with the application form. What should I do?

If you are experiencing technical issues with our application form please refer to our Frequent Questions – Online Process tab. If this does not address your issue, please call us on 020 7264 4970.

I have an online account with you from my last grant, which was made. Will my log-in details still work?

Yes. Your account with our grants application system is still valid and you can use it to make applications. Look at the emails we sent you when you created your account if you can’t remember your log-in details.

Why do I have to set up an account?

The Henry Smith Charity processes all its applications through an online system and in order to access the application form you must have account details.

I have forgotten my password

Go to the Log-In page. You can access this by clicking on the ‘Return to Existing Application link. Please type your email address into the ‘Email’ field and click ‘Forgot Password’. You should receive an email with a temporary password that needs to be reset immediately. If you cannot find this mail, check your spam folder.

When I login to my account nothing happens

Your browser may not accept cookies which stops the online application form from launching. You need to adjust your browser to accept cookies.

I made a mistake when I was answering the quiz questions and now the link to the quiz gives me an error message and I can’t access the quiz.

If you have made a mistake filling in the quiz, clear your browsing history and you should be able to access the quiz through the Make an Application link again.

Our fundraiser has left and we do not have the login details

Please contact us at with the relevant email address and we can reset the login details for you.

Can you send me a paper copy of the application form?

For your convenience, we provide a sample PDF copy of the application form downloadable on the right hand side of this webpage. Please note that this is for guidance only. We can only accept applications submitted via the online application process.



You can print out a copy of your completed application by clicking the ‘Printer Friendly Version’ link at the top right hand corner of the form in your online account. If you are unable to access our application system to submit an application, please contact us on 020 7264 4970.

What browser should I use when completing the application form?

We strongly recommend you use Internet Explorer. Previous applicants have experienced problems when using Google Chrome and Firefox.

Do I have to complete the application form in one sitting?

No, you can save and come back to your application at a later time by clicking the ‘Save & Finish Later’ button at the bottom of each screen.

When I click on the Back and Forward buttons to go through the application form I find that I have to login again.

To move to the next page, please click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page. You can also navigate between sections by clicking on the page title which appears as a ribbon at the top of the application form. Do not use the ‘Back’ or ‘Forward’ buttons on your browser to navigate through your application, as you will lose work which you have done.

When I copy and paste text into the form, I have experienced formatting and technical problems. How can I prevent this?

Before copying text into the form, first paste the text into either Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to remove unwanted formatting. We also strongly suggest that you avoid using bullet points and other similar design elements.

When I fill in the application form it shows American dates or requires American spelling

Unfortunately, some browsers will assume that you are submitting information to an American organisation and will change the format of your dates. To change this, you need to change the setting of your browser. Our system will pick up the dates in the correct format but will not change American spelling back to English.

How do I view the help text on the application form?

Please click on the ‘I’ icons on the application form and the help text will appear. We also have a help text version of the application form available to download on the right side of this screen which includes the help text for you to have alongside you when you are completing our application form.

How will I know that my application has been submitted?

After you have submitted an application you will receive a confirmation email. It will contain a reference number for your application and a full transcript of the details you provided. Please make sure you keep this email for your records.

Can I edit my application after it’s been submitted?

Unfortunately, an application cannot be edited after submission. You will have to let us know you wish to withdraw and resubmit the application. However, you can retrieve a copy of the submitted application if you login to your account and then simply copy and paste the answers that you still want to submit. To withdraw an application please contact us with your details and the application reference number to let us know.

The system is not accepting my details when trying to create a new account

This usually happens when an account for the email address already exists (perhaps set up by a former employee or colleague). Please click on ‘Forgot your Password?’ and follow the steps to have a temporary password sent to the email address, which then will allow you to change it to your preferred password.

Can we view previous submitted applications?

Yes, if you log back into your account you can log back into your Henry Smith Online account and select ‘Submitted Applications’ in the drop-down window in the bottom right of the accounts page.

Why isn’t the application form showing the right details?

Try clearing the cache and cookies of your browser. Try following the instructions at:’s-Cache

When I try to upload an attached document to my form, it’s not saving.

Please ensure that you click the ‘UPLOAD’ button after you have identified which files you want to upload in order to attach them.

Why does it say our files are not being accepted?

There are two likely reasons why the system is not accepting an attachment: Either the file is too large (needs to be smaller than 10Mb) or it’s an unrecognised file type. You can only upload files with the following file extensions: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt