Budget guidance

All applications must be accompanied by a detailed budget.

Your budget needs to:

  • Show projected income and expenditure for each year that you are requesting our support
  • Clearly show, in each year, what income is secured and what is still pending
  • Make sense in relation to the narrative of your application
  • Include costings for everything you are proposing to deliver in your application
  • Add up. Check your figures carefully to make sure your budget adds up correctly.

Some example budgets are available to download on the right hand side of the page.

Applying for funding towards running costs

If you are asking us for a running costs grant, please send us the full budget for your organisation.

Applying for funding towards a project

Please detail the full cost of the project you are asking us to fund. You can apply to us for some of your overheads as well as the direct costs of a project. Please ensure that any overhead amounts are proportional to your request.

Direct project costs are costs that relate clearly and directly to a project. Examples of these include the salaries of project workers, volunteer expenses, and small items of equipment such as a laptop if this is essential to the project.

Overheads are costs that partly support the project, but also support other projects or activities that your organisation provides. Examples include a proportion of the salaries of core staff (such as your administrators or senior managers), rent and utility costs.

Applying for funding towards a salary

If you are applying for a salary that is non-project specific, for example your General Manager, whose post works across your organisation, please send us your full organisational budget.

If you are applying for a salary that is project-specific, for example a Project Leader on one of the six projects your organisation delivers, please send us the full budget for that project, not just the salary costs of that one individual.

Applying for funding for a Holiday Grant

Please include the full costs of your trip. You should break down the cost of each element. For example, this could include transport, food and drink, and activity costs.

The budget should also show how you will pay for the trip, listing each source of money. This will include your pending application to the Henry Smith Charity and how you plan to cover the rest of the cost. For example, this could be parental contributions, individual fundraising, and grants from other charities.