Improving Lives

  • Accommodation / housing support

    Enabling people to work towards or maintain accommodation.

We want to help people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or who are vulnerably housed. Many organisations working with this client group will also address the underlying reasons for homelessness (e.g. mental health crisis, lack of employment, lack of support networks, lack of financial understanding, substance misuse) and are therefore likely to meet outcomes in a number of our other priority areas.


  • People have access to support enabling them to gain and/or sustain stable accommodation.
  • People have gained the skills needed to live independently and maintain a home.
  • Vulnerable people in need of housing are given support to remain safe and gain the skills to live with greater independence.

High need groups

  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Young people
  • Victims/survivors of domestic abuse
  • People with substance misuse issues
  • People with mental health issues


Examples of current grants

  • Advice and advocacy for those who are homeless or vulnerably housed.
  • Life skills training to help homeless or vulnerably housed young people move towards independence.
  • Practical support and maintenance that helps older people to live safely in their own homes.