Strategic Grants – Housing First Programme

How to apply

Please submit an expression of interest to us by email. The deadline for receipt of an expression of interest is 4 November 2019.

Your expression of interest should be no longer than 3 sides of A4 and cover:

  • Why your organisation is well placed to deliver this work.
  • A brief outline of why a Housing First service is needed in your area.
  • An outline of the activities planned.
  • How you will ensure work is in line with the Housing First principles.
  • A headline budget and timeframe for the project.

Please bear in mind that providing concise information will be of benefit at this stage of application. We may not be familiar with either your organisation or the context within which you work, so it is useful for you to convey information clearly to give us a full understanding of your proposal.

Expressions of interest will be considered on their individual merit, based on their alignment with the Housing First Programme objectives. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted directly and asked to complete and submit a full application form.

Please ensure you read our full guidelines before starting your expression of interest. Further details on how to apply are also provided within these guidelines.