Strengthening Communities

Frequent Questions – Strengthening Communities

How can I check my Indices of Deprivation figure to ensure I am eligible to apply to the Strengthening Communities programme?

We use the latest government Indices of Deprivation to determine the level of deprivation in an area. The Strengthening Communities programme seeks to fund projects both physically based and working within the 10% most deprived areas for England & Scotland and within the 15% most deprived areas for Northern Ireland & Wales. Using your organisation postcode, you can use the links below to view statistics for your area.

For England & Scotland – within the bottom 10%

For Northern Ireland & Wales – within the bottom 15%

What size does my organisation need to be to apply to the Strengthening Communities programme?

Your organisation must have an annual income of between £20k and £500k as demonstrated in your most recently audited accounts.

Our organisation is looking for funding to support activities outside of the UK. Are we eligible to apply?

No. Under all of our grant programmes, we only fund work within the UK.

Can we apply if we are a new organisation?

You must be able to send us audited or independently inspected accounts with your application, so we cannot consider an application from your organisation until it has produced its first set of accounts. We also expect organisations to be able to demonstrate a track record of service delivery. We do not fund the set-up costs of organisations or fund organisations that are only just starting to deliver services or activities.

How can I apply?

Please download our application form, available on the right hand side of this screen, complete it and post it to us. Please ensure you have read the full guidelines before applying to make sure your application and your organisation is eligible for this programme. Please also ensure that you have signed and dated the back page of the application form which confirms to us that the information you have provided within your application is true and correct.

My application was turned down. How soon can I apply again?

You can apply again 12 months after the date of the letter we sent advising you that your application was unsuccessful.

Can you have a look at my application before I submit it?

We are not able to review applications prior to submission and we can only see the content of your application once it has been submitted.

Can I include more information (eg a business plan / impact report) with my application?

Please do not include additional information. In order to be fair to all applicants we have designed our application form to provide the information we need.

We are not a registered charity; does this mean we cannot apply for a grant?

We fund work that is legally charitable. As well as registered charities, we can support community interest companies (CICs) and other not for profit organisations such as constituted community groups, as long as they can explain how they would use our funding for charitable purposes.

If your organisation is not a registered charity you should send your organisation’s constitution with your application.

How do I view the help text on the application form?

Please hover your cursor over the ‘I’ icons on the application form and the help text will appear. We also have a help text version of the application form available to download on the right hand side of this screen which includes the help text written out for you to have alongside you when you are completing our application form.