Information for grant holders

This section of our website is for organisations that have a grant from us.

Here you will find information about our monitoring requirements for each of our grant programmes, as well as details of who to call if you have any queries.

In this section we also provide details of how to request a copy of our logo and the guidelines for how it may be used by grant holders.

Coronavirus update

Revenue Grants

Grants for revenue funding made through our main grant programme before the end of 2017.

Improving Lives

Grants for small and medium sized organisations in the UK to support projects and the running costs of organisations.

Strengthening Communities

Grants for small community based organisations working in the most deprived areas of the UK.

County Grants

Small grants for small organisations working with disadvantaged people and communities in eight English counties.

Holiday Grants

Grants towards recreational trips and holidays for groups of children aged 13 and under who are disabled or disadvantaged.

Christian Projects

Grants to support projects that explicitly promote the Christian faith, helping to grow faith communities and churches.