Christian Projects

Our grant programmes are designed to empower and enable organisations to provide a range of support for communities throughout the UK. We are interested in hearing from all our grant holders, so we can learn together, and understand the difference our grant holders are making.

As a Henry Smith Charity grant holder, we ask you to monitor and evaluate the work you do, and submit an annual progress report to us so we can learn about your work. As well as your successes, we are interested to hear about the challenges you have faced during the year, as we appreciate things don’t always go to plan.

During your grant, if you have any questions or need to discuss any issues, please contact Christine Muskett on 020 7264 4970. Any changes to the project or to the focus of the work we have agreed to support must be discussed with Christine beforehand.

Please quote your grant reference number in any correspondence and have it to hand when you call.

    Progress reports

    If your organisation is in receipt of a Christian Projects grant, you will be asked to submit an annual progress report. The reporting schedule for your grant, and a copy of the questions we will be asking, will be emailed to you each time you receive a payment from us.

    Progress reports are completed and submitted online, using the same account you used to send your application to us. Therefore, if you need to change the account holder, it is important that you let us know.

    How to access your progress report form

    One month before the date your report is due, we will send you an email with a link to access your report via your account. This is so you can send your report to us online. Please note, you won’t be able to access your report until a month before your progress report is due, as they are only available on our system for a limited time.

    Once you have logged into your Henry Smith Charity Online Account, your Progress Report Form can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Requirements’ button on the left, under the Henry Smith Logo.

    You can access your account at any time to see your original grant application, and any progress reports in progress or already submitted, by clicking on the ‘Log into my online account’ button below.

    If you would like to see the key questions we will be asking in your report before you have access to it online, they can be accessed from the download section on this webpage.

    Log into my online account

    Acknowledging our grant

    If you receive a grant from us, you do not have to formally acknowledge our support in publications or on your website, unless this is a special condition of your grant.

    You must, however, ensure that our grant is appropriately acknowledged in your accounts.

    Our logo

    Please visit the request our logo page in this section for more information.

    You can ask us for a copy of our logo by for use in marketing materials or on your website by completing and submitting the form at the bottom of the request our logo page.

    Marketing and publicity

    If you want to announce or acknowledge our funding in a press release, on social media or any other type of publicity, you must wait until you have received our formal offer letter and have accepted any terms and conditions relating to the grant.