Holiday Grants

During your grant, if you have any questions, or if your plans for your trip or holiday change, please contact Jo Marren-King in our administration team on 020 7264 4970.

Progress reports

If your organisation receives a Holiday Grant from us you will need to send us a brief progress report once your trip or holiday has taken place.

Progress reports are completed and submitted online, using the same log in account as the one you will have used to make your application.

How to access your progress report form
Shortly after your grant is awarded we will send you an email to let you know your Holiday Grants Progress Report Form is available to be completed online when your trip has taken place.

You can access the form by logging into your account, and have up to three months from the date of our grant offer letter to complete and submit your report. If you have forgotten your password there is an opportunity to reset it yourself when you click on the link.

If you cannot find the progress report form this may be because it has expired. Forms expire a month after the stated due date.

You will need to contact us for help if your form has expired.