Revenue and Capital Grants


This guidance applies to Revenue and Capital grants awarded before the end of December 2017.

These were the grant programmes through which the majority of our funding was delivered for many years.  They were superceded in October 2017 by two new grant programmes: Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities.

Organisations who received a Revenue or Capital grant will have been allocated a Grants Manager to be their named contact throughout the grant.

We are interested to hear about your challenges as well as your successes and we appreciate things don’t always go to plan.

Please call or email your Grants Manager if you would like to discuss any areas of your grant, if any unexpected challenges arise, or if you need to make any changes to the agreed activities. Any changes to the project or to the focus of the work we have agreed to support must be discussed with your Grants Manager.

Please quote your grant reference number in any correspondence and have it to hand when you call.

Progress reports

You will need to submit a completed Progress Report Form in each year that you receive a grant payment from us. Reports are due six months after you receive your grant payment.

In your report please ensure you tell us about the outcomes that our funding has helped you achieve. We expect to see a range of hard and soft outcomes, including some quantified data.

The Progress Report Form can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

We recommend that you save the Progress Report Form onto your computer before starting to complete it (select the save option when downloading).

Annual reports and accounts

During your grant a copy of your organisation’s audited/independently examined accounts must be sent to us each year. Please send them to us as soon as they are approved by your Trustees, no later than nine months after your organisation’s year end.

Future grant payments will be delayed if we do not receive your accounts or progress report.

Acknowledging our grant

If you receive a grant from us, you do not have to formally acknowledge our support in publications or on your website, unless this is a special condition of your grant.

You must, however, ensure that our grant is appropriately acknowledged in your accounts.

Our logo

Please visit the Request Our Logo page in this section for more information. You can ask us for a copy of our logo for use in marketing materials or on your website by completing and submitting the form at the bottom of the Request Our Logo page.

Marketing and publicity

If you want to announce or acknowledge our funding in a press release, on social media or any other type of publicity, you must wait until you have received our formal offer letter and have accepted any terms and conditions relating to the grant. Please send any press releases to your Grants Manager for approval before their release.

Continuation funding

If you wish to apply for continuation funding at the end of your grant please contact your Grants Manager.

Applications for continuation funding can be submitted once organisations are in the last six months of their current grant and have submitted their final Progress Report.

We are able to consider applications for continuation funding from organisations up until the point at which they have received nine years of consecutive support.

Important information

These grant programmes are now closed. If you are thinking of applying again you should look at either the Improving Lives or the Strengthening Communities grant programmes. If you would like to discuss which would suit your organisation better, please contact your Grants Manager.